It’s a website!

It’s a Website!

  • The website is officially live.
  • There’s even a blog post.
  • I’ve never owned my own business before and I’m really excited.
  • I’m also scared, but I’ve done some of the best things in life scared.

Regarding Events

A Wedding & Event Planning Company

Today, the website is live and this is the very first blog post.  

I’m sitting at my computer with our toddler hanging out next to me, playing with an Amazon box.  There are so many things I want to teach her and show her about life.  I want her to know that anything she wants to do, she can.  I want her to embrace her emotions and do it scared. 

Today, I am doing this, scared.  It’s strange and overwhelming to put together a business plan (on the back of napkin!), to put together a website, and tell people about it.  Doing anything that you haven’t done before is scary.  I’m thankful that I’m in an industry that celebrates continuing education.  I’m thankful that the industry supports new businesses.  

Work hard, play hard, plan great things.



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